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The SKYRANGER Swift is a development from VMAX SKYRANGER, optimized to take advantage of engines over 80 hp to 100 hp, specialy for usa from 2004 .

Featuring a new smaller SPORT wing, the Swift benefits from higher cruise speeds and a more comfortable flight in turbulence thanks to the increased wing loading. With a combination of shorter wingspan, and greater torsional strength, the smaller ailerons result in reduced roll loads and increased roll rate, especially noticeable at high cruise speeds over 100mph.

Takeoff performance is still in the STOL category, with a max weight takeoff roll on grass of less than 65metres, and a spirited 1200fpm climb, rate rising to over 1500fpm solo (100hp). Stalling speed remains a comfortably low 33.5Knots at 450Kg loading, meaning short field landings are still a breeze.

Powerful control response right down to stall speed, makes for easy control, and superb crosswind capability.

The SKYRANGER always did have the highest payload in class, and with the Swift gaining 3Kg from the smaller wing this is increased further. Basic specification aircraft can be built under 250Kg. The owner can then decide whether to benefit from increased payload, a ballistic total recovery parachute system, or add a full range of extras and avionics, without having to worry about exceeding the maximum weight limit.

The Skyranger features a fast build kit with a level of unbeaten in the industry.

The SWIFT kit:

The SKYRANGER comes as an ultra-fast build kit:

Aluminium + Steel Tubes & connections
  • Box 1: 430 x 32 x 32cm (95kg)
  • Box 2: 270 x 32 x 32cm (35kg)

Pre-assembled tail, ailerons, flaps, wing covering, seats
  • Box 3: 240 x 20 x 74cm (30kg)

Wheels + Brakes
  • Box 4: 40 x 40 x 40cm (12kg)

Cowlings, tanks
  • Box 5: 100 x 70 x 60cm (15kg)

Lexan (doors, windscreen etc.)
  • Box 6: 130 x 40 x 40cm (12kg)

TOTAL: 6 boxes ~ 200kg

The flaps, ailerons, tailplane, fin, down fin, rudder and elevators come ready-built and covered.

The rest of the structure comes as a number of sub assemblies. All parts come with the bolts already in position and attachment brackets already in their place.

SKYRANGERS have been built with two people working in as little as 3 weeks!

All building is simple, educational and fun. It will result in you knowing your aircraft inside-out and having great confidence in its structure and your ability to carry out any further maintenance.
This in turn results in extremely security flying and very economic use


SWIFT specifications

Model vfun vmax Swift
Maximum Take-Off Weight (MAUW) 450kg 450kg
Wing Area 14.1m² 12.8m²
Wing Span 9.5m 8.5m
Max Chord 
1.7m 1.7m
Length Overall 
5.5m 5.5m
Fuselage Width 1.09m 1.09m
Tail Span 
2.42m 2.42m
Height Overall 2.4m 2.4m
Height to Cabin Top 1.75m 
Undercarriage Track 1.6m


Performance Figures:
All figures are as tested, CAS, at MAUW and MSL.

Model vfun vmax(912- 80Hp) Swift (912S- 100Hp)
VNE 124mph   
Max Level Speed 100mph 115mph
Cruise Speed (12l/hr) 80mph 90mph
Stall Speed 
37mph 39mph
Max Climb Rate (MAUW) 1100ft/min 1100ft/min
Min Sink Rate 560ft/min at 58mph 560ft/min at 58mph
Best Glide Ratio   
560ft/min at 58mph 
560ft/min at 58mph
Take-off distance to clear 15m obstacle  254m 280m
Landing distance to clear 15m obstacle  250m 282m
Range at Cruise Speed 400 miles 
450 miles